Ballot approval for the conversion of the Grindrod Global Income Growth Fund of Fund to the Grindrod Global Managed Growth Feeder Fund

Over the last three years, Grindrod Asset Management has been in the process of reconfiguring our local and global fund ranges in order to be correctly structured, appropriately priced and efficiently managed for the benefit of our investors.  We have over this time cemented the competence; including people, processes and systems to effectively manage both global equities and global real estate.  As a result the fund of fund structure that we previously employed to manage some of our global assets has become obsolete.

Grindrod Asset Management recently established the Grindrod Global Managed Growth Fund, a US dollar-denominated global managed fund registered in Ireland and which is a sub-fund of the Sanlam Universal Funds PLC. This fund reflects the global balanced house view portfolio of Grindrod Asset Management’s Payers and Growers® portfolio range.

A ballot process was embarked upon in May 2015.  This was necessary in order to secure our investors permission to create a feeder fund for our South African investors to access the Grindrod Global Managed Growth Fund.  This ballot has now been approved by investors and the Financial Services Board.

Effective 18 August 2015, the Grindrod Global Income Growth Fund of Funds has been converted into a feeder fund structure to improve the efficiencies and economies of scale and reduce the costs for all investors.  The portfolio name has been changed to the Grindrod Global Managed Growth Feeder Fund to more clearly reflect where and how the fund will be investing offshore. 


In line with the South African government’s initiative to incentivise and promote savings in South Africa, through the National Savings Scheme, Grindrod Asset Management is offering a tax-free savings plan. This will be made available to existing and new clients.

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Payers and Growers® investment strategy is the embodiment of the belief in the importance of the fundamental sources of investment return. It relies not on trends or vogues in innovation, but on adhering to consistently proven investment principles. It is this innate understanding and application of these proven principles that deliver sound solutions in the long-term to our clients.

Investment is about growing income and capital. That is what we do. And we do it well.

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We manage unit trusts and institutional assets on behalf of individual clients, financial advisors, large multi-managers and retirement funds across a number of different investment strategies.

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Grindrod Private Clients are prudent, long-term investors and in selecting investments follow a value approach. Our investment objective is to maintain and enhance the value of the client’s capital and income.

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Grindrod Securities, a division of Grindrod Asset Management (Pty) Limited, offers clients a full service stockbroking and fund management facility.

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Grindrod Asset Management (Pty) Ltd has concluded a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Verification process and the Fund Management Division has been awarded with the B-BBEE verification status of a Level One Contributor. Click here to view confirmation.


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